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Use of the website

CV5 reserves the right to change and change prices without prior notice. Nevertheless, CV5 will at any time try to inform you of any on-going tariff changes. CV5 can not guarantee that the Internet site is available continuously or uninterrupted or error-free at all times; CV5 does not provide a bail guarantee after you make a purchase.

Print at home

If purchased products from CV5's website are printed, colors and sizes may differ from the image (s) shown on your screen. CV5 can not be held liable for the print quality of printers.

Retention of title

CV5 reserves the ownership of all delivered items until all of its claims to the Client regarding the goods delivered or performed by CV5 pursuant to the relevant or any other agreement to the Client or the duties performed or to be performed by the Client, as well as in the case of deficiency Silk Under what conditions do you download our products?

CV5, CV5 affiliated companies and other persons involved in the development, production, hosting or delivery of content on CV5's website are not liable for direct, indirect, concrete or incidental damage caused by third parties and for consequential damages or fines including damages. In addition, they are not responsible for loss of data and damage of any kind whatsoever and as far as arising from the use of the content and material offered by CV5 website


We are not responsible for any loss of data and damage of any kind whatsoever and in so far as arising from the use of the content and material offered by Website CV5


The prices used by CV5 are in Euro including VAT and are always listed on its website. CV5 is entitled to change its prices without prior notice. The price quoted at the time of conclusion of the agreement is valid.


Payment of the current price takes place upon the conclusion of the agreement by means of the payment option offered for this purpose on the CV5 website. Transferability It is not allowed to transfer the rights to third parties assigned to you in this agreement without our prior written permission. Due to circumstances and third parties, outside of CV5's control, CV5 can not guarantee that the service will be available or functioning properly! You agree that you have read, understood, and agree to this agreement.

The optimal functioning of this website

CV5.nl does everything in its power to keep the website functioning properly and to keep it permanently accessible. However, CV5.nl can not guarantee that the website is accessible or functioning properly at all times. Should, for any reason, damage arise due to the temporarily no or less proper functioning of this website, CV5 shall in no way be liable for the damage suffered. Furthermore, using the service on this website is entirely at your own risk. You must determine if a password obtained through this website is suitable for the purpose for which it is used. CV5 is in no way liable for any resulting damage, in any form, after or during the use of passwords obtained through this website.

Your information is treated confidentially and is only insightful to the employees of cv5.nl. The completed data is not provided to third parties. The employees of cv5 undertake to keep the personal data obtained, unless required by law or regulation to provide information about this.


CV5 provides the information on its webpages to all but preserves the copyright to all text, (graphic) images and other components of these pages. It is not permitted to use, copy, or otherwise distribute to third parties any pages, text, (graphics) images or other parts of these pages, in original or modified form.

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